The kitchen is perhaps the only one in the apartment premises. Therefore, the design of the kitchen is akin to creating a high-tech workplace: there is nothing superfluous, everything is at hand, ergonomic, comfortable and safe. As a rule, in the kitchen there are two main zones: the working and dining area, augmented area of the passage.

Experts advise to equip the kitchen so that the working area had the form of the triangle formed by the refrigerator, stove and sink. These key facilities is not a better place close to each other, and share desktops. The area of the working area should not be large, 7 square meters is enough, otherwise the cooking will turn into an exercise in relay running. Less than 4 meters, this area also can not be, will be too crowded.

Take care of such important things as a sufficient number of electrical outlets, preferably double. The modern kitchen is full of appliances, and a mess of wires of extension cords here, not only inconvenient, but dangerous. Of course, it is reasonable to place the washing machine and dishwasher closer to the sink, because there are water pipes. If the family is large, think about installing double or even triple sinks. And, of course, lighting is the most important element of comfortable kitchen activities. Optimally, if the background lighting will be complemented by a point on the lower edge of the wall cabinets.

Concepts of kitchen design there are several, and each allows to equip the kitchen with the requirements and facilities available to the designer area.

The kitchen is placed in one line, will take up only one wall of the room. This option is suitable for very small rooms, and work area here is 50% of the total area of the kitchen. In this case comfortably accommodate a dining area, impossible — remains of the passageway. Salvation will be foldable or folding table.

If the room has enough space, this layout will allow part of it to turn into a dining room or sitting area.

Kitchen, built in two lines along opposite walls — comfortable, practical and functional. The distance between the lines should not be less than 1.2 meters. In this layout the dining area is also provided.

Popular L-shaped kitchen placed along two adjacent walls. They form a practical triangle, leaving enough space for placing a dining table, and spacious aisles. The only case when such layout is impossible, a narrow elongated space.

If you do not want pass-through, the kitchen can be given a U-shape, which is also very practical, especially in a small room.

The spacious kitchen allows you to make "island" or "Peninsula" - an extra work surface in the Central part of the room.