Use shutdown utility for programming the computer is off. This command must be entered in the command line interface, so press win + r, type cmd, and press enter to open this interface.
If you want to schedule shutdown of your computer after some time, in the command prompt, type the command itself and two additional key: shutdown-s-t. Here-s means shutdown and-t - delay of the program, and it requires using the space bar to enter a period of delay time in seconds. For example, the pause in two hours will correspond to the number 60*60*2=7200. Then press enter and the countdown to shutdown begins.
If you need to shut down your computer at a specified time, use the at command. As parameters you need to pass the execution time and a command string, which will be shutdown-s. For example, it may look like this: at 23:15 shutdown-s.
Use task scheduler Windows, if you need to program regular (daily, weekly, etc.) turn off computer. To start it press the Windows key, expand "All programs" in the OS menu, go to "Standard," and then in the section "Service", select "scheduled tasks".
Double-click the line "Add job" and start working wizard, which will help you to schedule shutdown.
Click "Next" in first window of the wizard, and next click the "Browse" button, navigate to the system folder of the OS - usually it's called windows. Open the windows32 directory, locate the file shutdown.exe and click the "Open"button.
Select the frequency of execution of the program off by checking the box in the appropriate row. Click "Next" and enter the time of day for this task.
Click on the "Next" button and enter twice the password of the user for whom the command should run off.
Click the last "Next" button, check the checkbox "Set additional options" and click the "finish" button. The wizard will create a job and complete the work, and the screen will remain the properties window of this task, where in the Run box you should add the-s switch to the contained record.
Close the properties window by clicking OK. The procedure for programming a regular computer shutdown to be completed.