You will need
  • - the program PowerPoint.
If necessary, download and install the necessary software on your computer. Open the main menu of PowerPoint. Select the presentation from which you need to copy the slides and open it in the program.
While in normal mode, select the slides you need to copy. If you only want one image, select it. If several, while they are in the presentation are in order, highlight them using the left mouse button while pressing the Shift key. If you need images located in presentation are not in order, select each of them in the same way, only while pressing the Ctrl key.
For your chosen images, click the right mouse button. Select "Copy" or just hit Ctrl+C. Paste the slides into a new project previously created with the command "Paste" or by pressing Ctrl+V in the window area, which usually displayed images.
Adjust the formatting of the presentation to change the appearance of the display files. To do this, click on the "paste Options" and select "Keep source formatting" if you need to apply the settings from the original file.
If you need to change the presentation template, use the command "Use template formatting", configuring all in accordance with their own preferences.
If you need to transfer the image from one presentation to another. Use the Cut command instead of "Copy" with the same menu with the right mouse button.
If you need to copy the image from the presentation in an ordinary file, then just highlight it, copy, open any image editor installed on your computer. Select create a new file and insert the image from the clipboard. Save the slide.