You will need
  • - network cables;
  • - svich.
If you need just to connect to the local network two computers, use a network cable. Connect it to both the PC and configure the settings of network adapters. This method is not suitable if you need to connect computers to the Internet.
Purchase a network hub and connect it to the mains. With the help of cables to connect from your desktop computers. Connect to the free connector of the LAN cable Internet access.
First turn on the computer. Create and configure connection to the Internet. Now follow the detailed setup of sharing settings. Open control panel and navigate to "Network and Internet". Select "control Center network and sharing" and then click "Change advanced sharing settings".
Select the active network profile, such as a home, and activate the checkbox "Enable network discovery", setting the check box. Select "Access shared folder" and enable it. This is necessary to allow to make changes to shared files, working with another computer. Disable sharing with password protection.
Follow a similar configuration of the second computer. Note that only one computer can be connected to the Internet. If you require synchronous network access, replace the switch on the router or make providers another contract.
If you connect to one of your computers, printer or MFP, be sure to set sharing for this device. This will help you use the printer and eliminate the need to copy files before printing. Some multifunction printers can connect to the switches. This allows you to bind the device to specific PC which must be switched on to have the printer visible on the network.