You will need
  • computer;
  • - administrator rights;
  • browser;
  • - the Internet.
Click "start" in the string "Run", type cmd, then press enter on the keyboard. So you start a command prompt, and enter all system commands for management and configuration of operating system, including configuration of network connections. Also do not forget that the registry settings affect the whole system, so try to do everything right, so that no further problems.
Type the command net config server /hidden:yes and press enter. This simple command will hide your computer from network from prying eyes. In "my Network places" the other computers your just not will be displayed. To view other command you can type in command line net help config server, and the system will display a list of useful commands for configuring network. Close the command prompt by clicking the x in the upper corner of the screen.
To re-open the computer in network neighborhood, examine the help command by typing net help config server, and enter the appropriate combination of symbols. You can also ask for computera unique working group through the properties, selecting the tab "Name of computer". If you change the workgroup the computer will need to restart. You can also specify a unique mask foryour network or IP address in a different range.
In General we can say that hide computer in network is not difficult. You can also use the service to hide the IP address of the computer. To do this, go to the special website at the address 2ip.EN. Next, select the tab called "Anonymizer". You need to select the country where the IP will be displayed instead. Next, click the site that you need to go. Now, your computer in the network will be completely hidden from other users.