You will need
  • • Food film
  • • Plastic bags
  • • Paper
  • • Utensils for blanching
  • • Water
The acceptable temperature for storage of any variety of cabbage 0-1 °C. In modern refrigerators has been fresh, which has such temperature. If your refrigerator such zone not, you can use the Department for storage of vegetables. But in this case, the temperature in the refrigerator should be set at the lowest possible level.
If we are talking about cabbage or red cabbage, it before putting in the fridge, you need to wrap with cling film. Bound tightly to the film snugly to the head, and between them there remains a vacuum. With this method of storing cut lettuce plastic wrap periodically must be changed as soon as it accumulates condensation.
Duty to preserve whole cabbages can be achieved otherwise. For example, wrap the Kale in paper, then put it in a plastic bag after taking it a few holes. The heads must be stored in the refrigerator, occasionally changing the paper, which absorbs moisture from the vegetable.
The same method is suitable for the preservation of broccoli and cauliflower. The only caveat here is that in the first 2-3 weeks cabbage be stored along with the leaves, and after they should be cut.
But the best way to store for cauliflower and broccoli is freezing. This cabbage must be washed, a little scald in water (3-5 minutes), then cool and disassembled into inflorescences. Then the vegetable should be dried, put in plastic bags and place in freezer. In the same way, you can save and Brussels sprouts.
In principle, can be frozen and cabbage, but this cabbage is absolutely not suitable for salads. It is suitable only for boiling, stewing and frying. The process of freezing is exactly the same as broccoli with cauliflower, but first it should be chopped.