You will need
  • - NetLimiter.
If you use to create a wireless access point, router, or a router, then open the menu settings. To do this, enter the IP address of this equipment into your browser and press Enter. Open the settings menu wireless network. If this model of router to enable network 802.11 (without letters), the speed channel will automatically be limited to 1 Mbps. Note that this value will be divided by the number of connected Wi-Fi network devices.
If your wifi router does not work with this type of radio, then select "connection Speed" or Connection Speed. Set from 1 to 54. Save the settings and reboot the router.
If you are using a desktop computer and Wi-Fi adapter to create a wireless access point, first try a lower speed channel by using the function of Windows system. Open the properties for the item "My computer" and navigate to device Manager. Find your wireless adapter and right click the mouse on its name. Select "Properties". Open the "Advanced" tab and turn on the mode of operation of 802.11.
If the wifi adapter does not work with this type of radio, then install NetLimiter and let it run. Now find the displayed list, the device you need and set the parameters of speed of Internet access. Be sure to complete both: Incoming and Outgoing. Velocity values in this tool are defined in kilobytes.
Alternatively, the program NetLiniter you can use the utility TMeter and Traffic Inspector. Be sure to save filters that you created, to avoid having to re-configure utility after restarting the computer.