Advice 1: How to put weather on desktop

If you have a permanent Internet connection faceless Desk on your computer can turn into an interactive information space. Using special applications you can, without opening the browser to read the news, chat in popular instant messengers, watch feed updates of friends in social networks and see the temperature outside. Weather widgets that will inform you about the weather outside, available in a variety of ways.
How to put weather on desktop
If your computer has the Windows 7 operating system, you don't even have to download anything and install to weather widget appeared on the desktop – enough to activate the appropriate device, and specify your location.
To do this, click the right mouse button on the desktop and from the context menu, choose "Gadgets". Double-click on the gadget icon the "Weather" and the screen will display a widget showing the current temperature.
Hover over the gadget and click right on the icon of a wrench. In the settings dialog box, specify your location and if your location is not listed, select the city closest to you. Click "OK" to finish configuring the app.
If you are a user of one of the previous versions of the Windows operating system, use the free program Weather Reader, which works on the same principle as the Windows 7 gadgets. Download the app on the official website of the developer at the address
After installing the program, you will be prompted to check the Internet connection, and specify the locality, the weather information which will be displayed on the screen. When you are finished, you will immediately see the desktop weather widget which will display the weather at the moment.
At any time you can click on the widget on the screen, thereby causing the program window with more detailed weather information. Available here, you the forecast for hours and days, here you can customize the design appearance of the widget, and change other settings.
Alternative installation option of mini-applications, which include utility and a showing the weather forecast, offered by the company Google. You can download on the website a program such as Google Desktop, and once installed on your desktop, among other useful gadgets will weather widget.

Advice 2: How to set weather on your desktop

Not very convenient whenever you need to know the temperature and weather, open a browser to the corresponding page. Much better to set the gadget with the weather widget which will automatically update temperature values and show the forecast.
How to set weather on your desktop
If your computer has the Windows 7 operating system, go to one of the following sites: or In the search box type the word Weather. On the new page select from the list of your favorite gadget and download it to your computer. After the download is complete install the gadget to be placed on a work table. Click the settings button next to the gadget and select your city and other options.
If you use earlier versions of Windows, open the website and in the menu go to "More" and then "All products". On the opened page, select the Desktop section and download the application to your computer. After the download is complete, run the installation program. Immediately after her appearance at the work tableyou will see among other pre-installed gadgets weather widget. In its settings you can also select your city and specify other settings for the weather display on your office tableE.
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