You will need
  • - network cables.
Select a laptop or desktop computer. Connect to this equipment the cable provider. Buy a network PCI card or USB adapter-LAN. Install this device in your computer and turn it on. You can use a PCI card with multiple LAN ports.
Update the drivers for the selected adapter. Purchase any network hub and then connect the device to the mains. Connect it to desktop computers and laptops that will be part of your network. Use the prepared network cables.
Now connect to the computer server, a cable provider. Configure the Internet connection. Open the properties for this connection and select "Access". Activate the checkbox "Allow people to use this connection other network users", setting beside him tick. In the next line, select your local network. Save the connection settings and restart.
Open the properties for another network card which is connected to the hub. In the properties of TCP/IP specify a static IP address Remember this value. Save the settings for this network card.
Perform setup of other network computers so they can access the Internet using the first PC as the server. Open the properties for the TCP/IP Protocol. Select use static IP address. Set all the computers on the network the IP different from the server address, only the fourth segment.
Be sure to fill in "default gateway" and "Preferred DNS server". Enter the value IP address of the server computer. If some computers do not have access to the Internet, check the settings of firewall and antivirus software on the host PC.