Start SQL Server by using Microsoft SQL ServerВо the installation time of Microsoft SQL Server installed be SQL Server, as Service Manager. That allows you to stop, pause, start SQL Server.To open SQL Server Service Manager you must open the list of installed programs by clicking on the button "start" (Start), then "Programs" (Programs). In the list of installed programs, you must select Microsoft SQL Server, then choose Service Manager. In the opened window, the SQL Server Service Manager in the Server field displays the name of the current serverfield Services, the service name MS SQL Server. In addition, the window buttons start (Start), pause (Pause), stop (Stop) services MS SQL Server: SQL Server, SQL Server Agent. To start, pause, stop SQL Server, click Start, Pause, Stop, respectively.
Start SQL Server from the command strokeland Net Start and Net Stop MSSQLServer allow you to start and stop MS SQL Server services from the command line. To do this, click on the button "start" (Start) and select "Run" (Run). In the opened window type cmd and click OK. This will open a command prompt window. To start the service using command prompt, in the opened command prompt window type the command Net Start MSSQLServer and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Then must wait for the message in the command prompt about the successful launch of SQL Server.
Start the SQL Server service using the services window of the serverOn the desktop, right-click to choose a label "My computer" (My Computer). In the context menu select "Manage" (Manage). In the right part of the window "computer Management" (Computer Management) by clicking the left mouse button to open the menu "Services and applications" (Services and Application) and select "Services" (Services). In the right part of the window "computer Management" (Computer Management) displays a list of all services installed on this server. From the list that appears, right-click you must select the MSSQLSERVER service and from the menu select "start" (Start). In the Status column (Status) displays the current status of the services. In a similar way, you start the SQLSERVERAGENT service.