Talk to the person you want to inspire some thought. You need to find a topic that will be close and interesting interlocutor. Listen carefully to the person, speak gently but clearly. Pick the tone that will be possible to repeat the intonation of the interlocutor, otzerkalivat his posture and gestures.
Use the basic principles of persuasive speech, which is the main instrument of suggestion. Clearly and definitely say what people should do and what to believe. For example, you want to convince the son to clean up after themselves: "You have to clean your room". Use the installation, for example: "I believe that everyone can maintain cleanliness on their own." Give reasonable and logical arguments – statements that prove your innocence. For example: "If you can get out on their own, so is old enough and can go alone on a trip to another city." This argument, in particular, may be a motive – because the son would want to go on this trip.
Use the technique of magnetic gaze. There are several exercises, having mastered which, you will be able to inspire thoughts. For the first draw on a piece of paper with a black circle with a diameter of 1 cm, Place the sheet on the level of your eyes. Without blinking, will watch over the circle within 1 minute from a distance of 1 meter. Then move the piece to the left, 80 cm Return to starting position and look first at the place where there was a leaf, then, without turning his head, see the dot, without blinking, for 1 minute. Similarly repeat the exercise, moving the piece to the left. For the second exercise you will need a mirror. Look closely at his eyes, for 1 minute. With each workout increase the time.