You are concerned about how to get rid of glue spots on the surface of fabric – clothes, chair or sofa, rug, or floor covering? In this case, consider the type of material which is going to remove the stubborn stain, but also a kind of the adhesive. If you soiled clothing glue-point, in-the first, prepare to remove stains acetone, solvent for dry cleaning, gasoline for lighters, and for the more mild method of cleaning soiled fabric – the usual liquid nail Polish remover. The easiest way to remove a fresh stain, but if the glue to the time of removal of the stain is already dry firmly, first wash the dirty clothes in warm water using soap solution.
First, try to scrape off the excess dried glue or cyanoacrylate moment with a scraper or knife, the spot became smaller. Before the stain of the glue from clothes or tapestry coverings of upholstered furniture, check for durability cleanable fabric to the chemical medium. To do this, simply RUB the fabric in an inconspicuous place, which then even in case of damage will not be evident to others. If the fabric remained persistent, soak a cloth or paper towel in nitrobacteria, lighter fluid or acetone and then wipe thoroughly with a cloth this long-standing stain from the stubborn glue.
When the tissue can not withstand the aggressive chemical agents, use the normal liquid to erase with nail Polish that is produced without the addition of acetone. With it you can clean the fabric most gentle way, but the effectiveness of such tools is quite low, and the glue spots later on your clothes or furniture can then remain visible traces. Replace the cloth multiple times, each time wetting the adjuvant in the chemical solvent. When the stain from the glue of time significantly softened, fill it with lighter fluid, greatly exceeding the outline of the spots.
Half an hour later to remove the stain from the glue, clean the carpet or wash the clothes in a special solution, mixing modern potent washing powder with the means to remove grease from dishes. For normal removal of cyanoacrylate is recommended to use nitromethane, and stationery glue clean under running hot water, carefully wiping the contaminated area with a brush.