For the salt mask to use only coarse sea salt. Its effect is achieved by massage, since by itself, salt is a little nutritious. After all, there are only two trace elements – sodium and chlorine, which can only create an alkaline environment, inhibiting the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.
Before to RUB salt into the scalp wash hair with shampoo on damp (not wet) roots in a circular motion of fingertips, RUB salt in the middle. The direction of rubbing of salt does not matter, so choose the most convenient.
Leave the salt on for the minimum time because of its beneficial effect occurs only during the massage (rubbing). Once applied on the entire hair of the head immediately, rinse the roots and throughout hair. This will avoid irritation and subsequent itching as the salt is able to exert corrosive effects.
For very sensitive skin, combine the salt with the wet crumb black or grey bread. However, be careful that the salt does not dissolve from the moisture of the bread. The resulting mass RUB into the scalp the same way. This mask produces a simultaneous massage and outer nourishment of hair roots due to the vitamins E, b and minerals contained in the cereal (gray and black bread).
A good alternative is rubbing sea salt. Unlike ordinary table salt it has 65 trace minerals. Such a composition provides complete nutrition of the hair roots. However, also observe the minimum time of deposition of salt on hair, then rinse well with water.