You will need
  • - computer with Internet access.
Enter the username and password, open your email and click on the tab "Write" located at the top line of the page.

In the to: line, the page opens "New message", write (can add from the address book) the email address of the recipient of your letter.

Select a theme, write down the text of the message (if required), then click the left mouse button on the tab "Attach file".
A window will open, find the folder where you saved the video. Hover over the desired file, click the left button, and its name will appear in the "file Name" at the bottom.
Then click on the tab Open in the same window (bottom right). The video appears on the page of your e-mail and start up. The download process may take some time depends on Internet speed and the volume of the file itself (the "heavier" the more time it will take). When the video is downloaded completely, send the message to the recipient, clicking on the "Send"tab.