The calculation of interest at the refinancing rate is as follows:
Taken the amount of the loan. It is established by the contract.
The amount of the loan divided by the number of days in a year.
According to paragraph 2 of the Resolution of Plenum of the Supreme Court and the Plenum of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation from October 8, 1998 n 13/14 "About practice of application of the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation about percent for using another's money resources" the number of days defined as 360.
Multiply the resulting amount by the number of days of the loan.The number of days is calculated from the moment of conclusion of the contract of the loanor other time provided by the contract or by law (eg, from the date of overdue repayment of the loan) and up to the date of actual repayment amount of the loan, either before the date of submission of the application to the court. In the case of proceedings in the court of the interest on the contract loan will be calculated on the date of the decision of the court. But after the pronouncement of the court, you can calculate the interest on the date of the judgment and until actual payment and also to recover them.
Multiply the resulting number by the percentage of the refinancing rate set by the Central Bank at the time of calculations.Refinancing can be found on the official website of the Central Bank of Russia.
The resulting amount will be the sum of percent on the contract of the loan.
Here is an example:
Amount of loan- 50,000 rubles.
The number of days of the loan 50.
Take the rate of 8%.
The calculation will look like this:
50 000(rubles) / 360(days in year) x 50(days of the loan) x 8%(the refinancing rate) = 555 rubles 55 kopecks(amount percent).