You will need
  • calculator
  • - Internet access
  • - Notepad and pen
Determine the amount of tax to be payable in the tax period, but which were produced. This parameter is denoted as S.
Define the period (number of days), which was a late payment of tax. The number of days begins to reckon from the date of occurrence of delay on tax payment and collection and ends on the day when the taxes were paid.
For example, VAT a business can pay three equal parts. If the company in not paying the tax penalty will be assessed for any violation of the above three terms. It is also worth noting that the penalty has not been on previously accrued interest.
This parameter is denoted as K.
Calculate one three-hundredth under the Central Bank refinancing rate. In fact, all the parameters included in the calculation of penalties from the refinancing rate, can be multiplied together, and the result divided by 300.
The refinancing rate is used in the formula shall be declared by the Central Bank to act at this time. If the term tax rate has varied, are treated separately all periods.
The current refinancing rate you can find online or at the Bank.
This parameter appears as (1/300)*R
Calculate interest on a formula.
The calculation of penalties from the refinancing is made on the basis of the proposed tax code of the methods in the following simple formula:

Interest = C*K*(1/300)*R;
The formula frees professionals from installing on your computer different programs for the calculation of fines, as it is quite simple and requires only a normal calculator for exact calculation works, so even an ordinary person can easily and quickly calculate the interest on the refinancing.