You will need
  • The use of the services by the query statistics Yandex, Rambler and Google.
Perhaps the most visited service in Russia is a wordstat from the company Yandex. For the selection of requests you should click on the following link and in the "Keywords and phrases" enter interest inquiry. After pressing the button "Select" you will see a table in the left part which will display the most popular searches, and the right pane will show the related queries.
If you have not found the answer to your query, try, use the clarifying statements that can be viewed here Often help related queries is similar to the search results.
Do not forget that the statistics results of the queries to various regions, so if you are interested in a regional promotion, use the tab "regions". There you have to specify your choice of region or the city.
Rambler (Rambler) is not less well-known search engine than Yandex, but clearly inferior positions, and most recently and fully uses search technology by the company. To navigate to the validation service query statistics click on the link In an empty rectangular window search for the word or phrase, then click "Calculate".
This service is clearly inferior to Yandex, but also have regional results: check the box next to "Geography" query or click the link "Statistics in geography" and click the appropriate button.
The company Google offers two products that allow you to create an objective assessment of input queries: using the service for the selection of keywords you can choose the most relevant query, and the service comparative statistics Google search gives an idea promoted by the query.
Service selection of keywords (AdWords) is an analog of Wordstat by Yandex, you can find it at the following link The statistics of search queries can be found on this page