You will need
  • - set Union and end keys;
  • radiator key;
  • - new gaskets and sleeves.
First disconnect aluminum radiator from the heating system and drain the water from it. If the heating system consists of polypropylene or plastic pipes, it is necessary to Unscrew the dismountable couplings. More difficult to disconnect the radiator from the heating system of metal pipes. Try to disassemble the spigot to the supply to the radiator. If that fails, cut the sleeves, and the installation install a new one.
Unscrew fastening of a radiator, if they are. Remove it from the hooks. Put the radiator on a flat plane on the floor or on the table. In advance, put some litter from fabric or cardboard, since it can drain any remaining dirt and water. If you put the radiator face to the radiator sections and the nipple on the right side is right hand thread on the left side – the left. Having dismantled the filter, immediately clean it: almost always there is accumulated debris of various kinds.
Take flare or box-end wrench of the correct size and Unscrew the threaded connection radiator sections in the desired direction. For convenience, use with ratchet wrench. Then prepare a special radiator key. If not available and get it there is no way, make your own from rod and welding machine. The key is to have an ear for the handle with one hand, and on the other a flat head screwdriver and a width to it with a small gap passed through the holes of the nipples and rested on their internal projections.
Unscrew the nipple. To do this, insert the corresponding depth of the radiator key into the open nipple hole. Be extremely careful and turn the key in the direction of the thread. In case of mistake in determining the direction of carving and unnecessary efforts, you will break it. The spacers between the sections during disassembly immediately clean the silicone gasket under the cap is removed. During Assembly of the radiator install the new one.
Please note that some models of aluminium radiators are sealed. Demonstrating remarkable effort, you could disassemble them, but to collect is unlikely to succeed.