Before you begin eyeliner, sit comfortably below your right hand to move freely and steadily rested on the table surface. If your hand shakes, the whole procedure will have to start over.
A line of eyeliner spend as close as possible to the edge of the eyelid, leaving no unpainted areas of the skin. In order to be sure of this, first put it between the lash points. If you are not able to apply eyeliner in one motion, do it in small strokes, which subsequently connect in a straight line. If you are using liquid eyeliner, first apply the dry eye shadow. In addition, the original draw a line using pencil. And then use it over the liquid eyeliner.
In order to visually your eyes become more use of liner is not black, but light brown. Or mother of pearl, gold, silver. It all depends on the color of your eyes and makeup.
Visually increases the eye liner made from the middle of the upper eyelid. Start it from the base of the eyelashes and lead to the outer corner, gradually lifting. "Open" the eye and make it more rounded a small touch in the form of a comma on the end of the line.
If you think you have narrow eyes, and want to make them wider, draw a thin arrow at the outer and inner corners of the eyes. And in the center of the line make a thickening. You can opt out of drawing arrows in the corners and accentuate the eyeliner in the middle of the upper eyelid. If for eyeliner you use shadow or pencil outline, then try the same line to portray and on the lower eyelid.
If you are inclined to experiment and not afraid to take risks, you can increase your eyes in a very original way. Move the upper eyelid with one color and the bottom contour with a pencil on how shades lighter. Eyes will look much bigger and with a share of originality.