Download the game and install it on your computer. System requirements for Counter Strike very small, and for the game is quite amiss machine with 512 megabytes of RAM, 64 megabytes of RAM and a processor with a frequency of 1 GHz. For Internet play you will need a steady connection speed from 128 kilobits per second. The distribution of the game can be both paid and free. The latter differs in that it can play on all servers.
Start the game and for a start go to game options. Select in the options the control settings with the keyboard, the mouse sensitivity and also adjust video and audio configuration. If your computer has sufficient power, then go ahead and install visual and audio settings to maximum. You can then start the game.
If you are planning to start the game on the Internet or local network, click Find servers to Find servers). When playing online, before you should appear a list of servers available for the game. Servers can be filtered by specifying the values of the map, ping and security of the game. After filtration, go to any server by clicking on it double click. Wait for the download games.
After loading the screen should appear the game. To begin, select the command for which you want to play (Terrorists or Counter-terrorists), then find out how many people play on your side. At the beginning of the first round get a bulletproof vest and ammunition (or a gun and a bulletproof vest, depending on the starting amount of money) and join the game. To shoot the enemies by using pressing the left mouse button, control the movement of the player by using the keyboard, and inspection in different directions is produced by the movement of the mouse.