The first step is to get a microphone. Without this wonderful invention, the voice recording will be just not possible. Fortunately, the modern market of equipment offers a significant choice of these microphones. The price can vary from a hundred to several thousand. Here already everyone should make a choice after consulting with your wallet.
In addition to price should pay attention on the audio output from the acquired microphone. If you bought ordinary, adapted to the computer, then problems will not arise. Just connect the Jack of the external recorder and microphone port on the sound card of the computer. It is usually indicated by a pink color.
If not purchased an adapted microphone, then here it will be a little difficult. However, we should not faint. This is no big deal. Will have to simply buy an additional adapter from big Jack to small. And do exactly the same operation with the connection.
With the microphone sorted out. Although in fairness it should be noted that it can be used not only to record voice, but the sound of the musical instruments. But back to the topic.
When everything is connected, you can start installation programs, which aim at recording and editing sound. It is programs such as Sony Sound Forge, Sony Vegas (and with the help of this program can and later do a video for the song), FL Studio and more. With the help of them you can record voice, edit the recording to add some effects to raise or lower the voice, in General, by trial and error opens a limitless world of possibilities.
When the instrument is configured, programs installed, tested and ready for action, you can proceed to record songs at home. And costs, in comparison with the Studio, will be minimal.