You will need
  • centimeter,
  • - handle
  • - a piece of paper
  • calculator.
To find out your BMI, you need to determine your exact height and weight. The calculation formula is simple. To determine body mass index divide your exact weight in kilograms per height in meters squared. That is, for example, if your height 1.64 m, weight 59 kg, then the formula will look as follows: BMI = 59 / (1,64 x 1,64). Solving a simple math problem, we get the result. The BMI of 21.85.
Of course, knowing your BMI does not give you complete information in order to understand whether there is a threat to your health whether you have obesity. That you need to remember that if the index is 20-25, then you have nothing to worry about, normal weight. When BMI 25-30 already there is an increased risk to health. High it will be when you score 30-35. And when 35 or more should seriously think about losing weight as it is dangerous. You need not memorize all these numbers, it is enough to know the most comfortable for the body border of the BMI - 20-25 - and try not to go beyond it.
Remember that this formula is suitable for almost everyone, but there are exceptions. For endurance athletes, pregnant and lactating women, elderly people and children should not take the reference data number. To determine whether obesity in your child, calculate the BMI using the same formula. But remember that normal BMI in children is less than adults — from 15 to 18.5. The number depends on the age. The older the child, the greater the number.

If you find out your BMI and all indicators of obesity you have not observed, and you still think that figure is far from ideal, measure waist size. In women, the risk to health exists when the waist size of over 88 cm For men this figure is equal to 102 see Small the risk is, if the volume is greater than 80 and 94 in women and men respectively. If you are unhappy with the results and the measurements, begin to drop excess weight. But do it wisely. Can consult a specialist after aggressive dieting can lead to even more disastrous results.