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One of the easiest formulas to calculate ideal weightand suggested an anthropologist from France, Paul Brock. The most simple formula for the calculation - the weight is equal to growth minus factor. With the growth of 165 cm, coefficient is 100 to 175 cm - 105, above 175 cm - 110. According to experts, the formula of Broca true for people whose age is between forty to fifty years. If you are less than forty, the optimal weightcalculated by the formula Brock, should be reduced by ten percent, otherwise the result should be increased by five to seven percent.
More accurate are the calculation of body mass index showing body fat in the body. For calculations it is enough to know body weight in kilograms and height is recorded in meters. BMI=M(kg):N2(m),where M – weight, N – growth. The formula is also very simple: is the ratio of the mass to the square of the height. Depending on the values obtained conclusions on the weighte of a man. If you get less than 25 is normal, if more than 25 but less than 27 is overweight, but not obesity, but if more than 27 - this is obesity. But this, again, average performance, because the values of body mass index for men and women.
How to calculate your ideal <strong>weight</strong>
In Russia doctors to determine overweight use special tables, which depending on sex and age, and from the growth of the specified maximum permissible values of the weight. If your weight in the table below, it may indicate the lack of excess weightand, if higher, the additional studies is determined by the degree of obesity.
How to calculate your ideal <strong>weight</strong>