You will need
  • Installed program-BitTorrent client
Examine the window with a program running utorrent. Pay attention to the section "LEDs" – so-called users, standing on the hand. When a large number of seeders, the speed will be quite high, and if the number of seeders of users is reduced to a few, respectively, and the download speed will drop. To affect this parameter you can not, can only wait until there will be new seeds or pump at low speed.
Open the "Settings" tab at the top of the window with the program utorrent. Tap "Configuration," which can also be accessed by Ctrl+P. In the window that appears, select from the list on the left of the parameter "Speed". In the box next to the line "Total download limit" type in the desired speed of the load expressed in KB/s If you put in the window 0, the limit on the download speed will be removed.
Select download file, the download speed which does not suit you, and click the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, point the cursor on the line "speed Priority" and put the marker next to the "High" setting. It should be noted that this method increases the speed of downloading a single file, but does not affect download speed utorrent.
Limit the number of simultaneous connections. Windows operating system may not work properly with a large number of simultaneous connections. Try to temporarily disable such programs as Skype and antivirus programs.
Use special software to change the connection settings to the Internet. Users of the Windows operating system can use the program TCP Optimizer to optimize connection to the Internet. Owners of Mac OS X to use it Cocktail, Mac Pilot.
Wait for a bit. BitTorrent clients give preference to those peers who distribute the necessary parts of the file. When you start downloading a new torrent, you just have nothing to offer to other clients, and so they serve you at the residual. Therefore, the speed of downloading a new torrent first may be very low. However, once you download part of a torrent, which you can distribute, the download speed will increase.