You will need
  • computer;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - hard disk.
Remove the side computer cover, allowing access to the motherboard. Do it better when the computer is off. To connect the hard drive directly to the computer's power supply and to the motherboard you need only when power is off. It is also worth noting that the computer should not be just switched off and completely disconnected from the mains.
Inspect the connectors on the circuit Board and the loose connectors from the PSU. Power connector wiring the power supply must exactly match the connector on the hard drive. The power for SATA and IDE-disk are different: the first is a flat connector is usually black in color, made in the form of a very elongated letter G For IDE hard drives this four-pin connector white.
Connect the power to the hard disk, carefully connecting the connector in accordance with the key. Connect the cable or ribbon cable (if IDE) from the motherboard. For IDE hard drives have to comply with the priority settings of master and slave if on the loop will be connected to another device. Fasten the hard drive, so he surely was in a horizontal position, if you don't put it in the case. Turn on the computer and go to BIOS to check to determine whether the hard drive motherboard.
All operations with the power to the internal components of the computer should be carried out when disconnected from the network power supply. Use the adapter if the Winchester to be connected, without interrupting the operation of the computer. Other parts of the personal computer are changed in a similar way, only a little bit connected to other connectors. In General we can say that to connect a hard drive on a computer can even novice user.