Advice 1: How to connect your old hard drive

To connect old hard drive to the computer, you should follow certain precautions. Otherwise, you risk not only burning the hard drive, but get an electric shock.
How to connect your old hard drive
You will need
  • Personal computer hard disk.
First you need to disassemble the computer case. Before you begin this procedure, make sure that the system unit is not connected to the network. To get to the desired sector, it is necessary to remove both side walls of the housing. To do this, loosen the screws fixing them and slide out of the wall. You can now proceed to connecting the hard drive.
Before you plug in the power cord and ribbon cable to the hard drive, hook it in the system unit. For this, the corps provided special shelves. The device must be fixed with screws. As soon as you connect the hard drive, plug in the power cord and cable of data transmission. Make sure all the wires are plugged tightly attached to the outputs of the device.
Not collecting the housing, connect the computer to the network and make sure that the device is working properly. In that case, if the hard disk will not work, it is possible that it is damaged or loosely attached to the power contacts, or train data transfer. If the unit is working fine can collect the body, securing the walls in their original position. Before you consolidate the wall of the system unit, it is desirable to shut down the computer, unplugging it.

Advice 2 : How to connect ide and sata the Winchester

Sometimes you need to connect multiple internal hard drives to one system unit. The problems begin only if the disks have different formats: IDE and SATA.
How to connect ide and sata the Winchester
You will need
  • adapter IDE-SATA.
Don't worry to connect to one motherboard hard drives with different formats quite easily. Remove the wall of the system unit and examine the ports on the motherboard.
The fact that quite often even those models of motherboards that have the main hard drive connected via a SATA channel, IDE ports. Most often it connects to the DVD drives. Find such connectors.
If one of them is connected the drive, unplug it and use the vacated train and connect a new hard drive.
If such a port is free, get a train (if not present) and connect it to the hard drive.
Do not despair, if your motherboard contains only SATA or only IDE. There are special connectors that allow you to connect hard drives with alternative ports. Purchase the appropriate adapter.
Bought plug in connector Flex cable coming from the motherboard. Connect the connector with the hard drive.
Turn on the computer. To enter the BIOS press the Del key. Open the Boot Device Priority menu. Assign your old Winchester (where operating system is installed) primary device at startup.
Save the changes by selecting Save & Exit. Wait for loading the operating system. You will most likely automatically install the driver for the new hard drive. After it completes, verify that the connected Winchester.
Relatively older model motherboards may not detect the connected through adapter SATA-Winchester.
There may be an incorrect reading of information from such a disk, with the result that it will be available not completely.
Useful advice
Before purchasing connectors, verify that you can connect power to the hard drive.
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