You will need
  • Threads of different colors (beige, green, brick, brown)
  • Hook
  • Scissors
  • Pencil on paper
Before knitting the crochet vest, it is necessary to associate the sample, because tight binding columns with nakida virtually does not stretch in width. In the sample 10 cm by 10 cm should be 26 columns with nakida and 15 rows. If the number of columns differs, you will need to adjust the total number of loops.
Then you need to build a drawing pattern of the desired size, and then count the number of loops. In the process of knitting necessarily correlate with parts patterns of separate parts, which represent the width of the finishing edges. Banding around the arm openings and the contour of the vest is 1 cm, the edges of the front pieces — 2.5 cm
The vest fit with the lower edges. Finished parts are arranged according to the pattern, and then otpravytsya through a damp cloth. After that, the details you need to make, and re-steam the.
The next step the contour of the armhole of the vest and tied one nearby threads beige color, only the middle edge parts tie with a 1.5 cm border of columns without nakida, while on the right side vymazat 3 loops for the buttons. Then the arm openings and contours of the vest tied from the front side 1 next to the columns without nakida with colored thread: green, brick and brown. At the corners of the vest in the corner column without nakida knit 2-3 column without nakida in one loop order for the border not Sborra.
Then for finishing the vest separately fit strap length 9.5 cm columns without nakida colored threads. Strap is sewn on the left side of the vest is surface-mounted pocket.