Don't forget that when signing the contract you should be explained your duties. You should also be familiar with the rules of labor discipline, including the grounds for the imposition of a reprimand. If you admit the violation of labor discipline, the employer is obliged to request from you a letter of explanation. In it you should state your version of the reasons for the violation. If these formalities are not observed, boldly to challenge the punishment. Justify the protest that did not know that violates the rules. Refer to paragraph 12 of article 22 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation. Select your job description items that cannot execute because of the lack of necessary conditions. Invite the Manager to cancel the reprimand.
If the misconduct happened through no fault of your reasons, to challenge the reprimand with the help of documents proving your innocence. To obtain these documents in respective departments. If the cause of the breach is located in the office of the traffic police (accident, traffic jam, road works), please contact the office of the traffic police. If the reason is fire, contact the fire Department and so on. Provide the documents you are required within 30 working days. Do not give the documents directly to leader. Register them officially as incoming documentation through the office.
It happens that the Director provokes the employee to the behavior that violate discipline. He does it on purpose to have a reason for the layoffs. Remember that in this case, a reprimand cannot be imposed. As a subordinate you must comply with the orders of the head.
The fact of the cancellation of reprimand should be recorded by the order about its cancellation. You have evidence of your innocence, but the accent is not cancelled? Talk with the supervisor about what the law is on your side. The head is easier to cancel the reprimand, not to lose a case in court. Can also contact the head of the trade Union Committee. Write a statement about creation of the Commission on labor disputes. If this does not bring results, contact the office of the State labour Inspectorate.
If you have to go to court, remember that the employee is exempt from paying the registration fee. All the court documents also apply officially through the office, as incoming documents.