You will need
  • - Computer with Windows.
Click "start" and select "All programs." Then go in the "default programs", select "Service". In the utilities list, click on "system Restore". If your account is password protected, in some cases, you may be prompted to enter the password.
In the window that appears, select "Undo system restore" and go on. After that, click "finish". The computer will reboot. Bar appears. When it comes to the end of the screen, the computer will reboot and start in normal mode. After enabling the desktop window with a notification that system restore is canceled.
If the undo system restore does not start in the usual way (may be due to viruses), then use this way. First you need to load the operating system in safe mode. To do this, after turning on the computer before there inscription Windows, hit F8 on the keyboard. Instead of the usual turn on the computer, you start the selection menu of the boot options of the operating system. Also, take into consideration that F8 key opens this menu in most cases, but not all. If you use this key you cannot open this menu, try other keys F.
In the menu options of the operating system, select "Safe mode with command prompt". Then wait until the computer will not boot and the desktop appears, Safe mode. Then go to the "Standard program" and open a command prompt. Now in the command prompt, type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and press Enter. Further, the sequence of actions is the same as the previous case. After cancelling the restore, the computer will start normally.