You will need
  • computer.
Rollback is intended to return the state of the operating system for normal operation. This is possible by creating a point of recoverythat capture the state of the system at any particular point in time. These points are created automatically once per day or upon the occurrence of certain system events. Also it is possible to create them manually. This can be done in the following way: "Master recovery system" → "Create point restore" → "Description of the control point" → "Create".
To save them you'll need at least 300 MB of free hard disk space. They are stored until then, until you filled the disk space that is reserved for the recovery system. Decreasing space of the old points are deleted to make room for the new.
The advantage of this feature is the ability to restore the healthy state of the system without reinstalling Windows.
To start this function you have the following options:— "start Menu" → "All programs" → "Standard" → "Service" → "system Restore";— "start" → "help and support" → "Select" → "undo changes with system Restore";— "start" → "Run" → "open Box" → %SystemRoot%system32 estore strui.exe
Running the application, in the opened window you must select "Restore an earlier state of the computer" and click Next. In the window "Select of control points recovery" select the point to which you want to restore the system. Then confirm her choice and the process of recovery. The process to start.
When ready, the system will perform a reboot. After that, a window will appear which will contain information about how the restoration happened. In this case, there can be only two choices: was it successful or did not happen.
There is a possibility to cancel that process. There is a option "Undo this restoration".