You will need
  • 1-2 can of spray paint;
  • - 2-3 cans of clear varnish;
  • - 2-3 cans of automotive primer on each disk;
  • - sandpaper of different abrasiveness;
  • - abrasive paste;
  • - rust Converter;
  • - swipe the tape.
The rims are divided into cast and stamped. Cast less wear and rust. The painting process of those, and other drives is no different. Paint rims with spray cans of automotive paint ready. Pre-practice uniform coating of paint, shake it before you spray.
Completely clean and wash the wheels. Carefully inspect them and sand all rusted spots. Moisten the cloth with rust Converter and apply on the cleaned place in a couple of hours. Then again clean the seat corrosion to bare metal. Old paint to remove imperfections or spalls, from time to time washing away the dust with water. Quickly remove the paint with a solvent for coatings. Flat screwdriver or awl to pick out the paint hard to reach places.
Begin rough sanding with sandpaper, then smooth the surface with a fine. Coat the entire disk with primer in several layers. After each layer make gap. Applied primer is completely dry during the day. Then Polish the surface by trying to achieve perfect flatness. Periodically remove the resulting dust. After polishing the surface is dry and clean from debris. Painting make to spread out fabric or polyethylene, to the surface do not hit the dust.
Before painting, shake the paint bottle. Painting spend at a distance of 40-50 cm to the painted surface. Apply several coats at intervals of 10 minutes after each layer. After painting, cover with several layers of colorless nail Polish with the same intervals. Between coats of varnish, check the surface for imperfections and sand with emery paper or abrasive toothpaste. Dry painted and varnished product within weeks.
In conclusion, the disk Polish special Polish. A failed painting, repeat the operation again.