With a screwdriver Unscrew the two screws on which the device is attached. Thus it is not necessary to remove the internal lock if you are sure that he's healthy.
Using a spanner of the right size, gradually Unscrew from the handle pivot mechanism with a spring. Remove it and diagnose all internal components.
To get to the torsion spring, and splined washers, using a screwdriver, remove the snap ring. Remove the top and bottom of the washer to inspect the condition of the torsion spring. More often its failure is caused by the loose mechanism of the door handle. The torsion spring should be very tight, difficult to get out and sit tight in its groove. Therefore, breakage of the torsion spring is determined easily enough. After verifying the malfunction, change it to fix this detail can not be.
If broken the splined washer, you'll notice that, as it usually breaks down in the middle. Cracks also tells about the malfunction. The washer should be replaced with the new one. As for its price, it will cost you cheaper than buying a new door handle.
By eliminating the defect by replacing the details of the mechanism should perform the Assembly procedure in the reverse order: install the torsion spring in place, pushing harder on her fingers, then screw the keyed washer, and over – the snap ring. Screw the swivel mechanism with a wrench and attach repaired the handle in place. Check whether you have coped with the breakdown.
You can be proud of their achievement, because now you don't have to buy a new door handle mechanism. If you have a broken handle different design, this tutorial is not for you.