You will need
  • crayons or gel to control cockroaches;
  • - aerosols against crawling insects;
  • - sprays based on boric acid or chlorpyrifos;
  • - lime;
  • - broom;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • - gauze or fine mesh.
The spiders only appear where there is food for them. They feed on flies, cockroaches, small insects, dvuhletkami, ants. Take action for the destruction of food for the spiders, that is, engage in the removal of all existing building insects. To do this, apply all over the walls and plinths chalk or gel to control cockroaches closed lanes. Buy spray against crawling insects and treat them all the walls, paying special attention to baseboards and hard to reach places. This measure will further help to destroy the existing population of spiders.
In addition to these events, collect the whole web, which managed to weave spiders. In his web insects lay eggs, which contain thousands of small spiders. All the collected web burn.
If your house has a basement, then swipe it clean of debris, gather cobwebs and whitewash the walls with lime. Spiders can not stand the smell of lime and paint, so if you make repairs around the house, insects leave it for a very long time and will not reappear.
To destroy the spiders sell special sprays based on boric acid and chlorpyrifos. These aerosols are also suitable for the destruction of household ants. Buy one of these funds, they treat all the walls, seal the Windows and doors. After 3 hours make dry and wet cleaning.
To prevent spiders, spend in the house a thorough cleaning, in time to produce the plaster walls and ceilings, don't forget to neaten the basement and whitewash it. All vents, close the gauze or fine mesh. If the baseboards and Windows have cracks, buy silicone sealant and fill any holes through which the spiders and get into your home.
After a comprehensive exercise, you will forget what made spiders and webs.