You will need
  • this means Butox 50";
  • - acetic acid;
  • this means Neuron".
Carefully inspect all corners in the apartment in search of the nests of spiders. It was here that they laid eggs. The nests look like little balls, covered the top with web. Remove all that it finds. A favorite place of their houses have spiders on the baseboards, in the cracks under the window sills and other flat areas. It is advisable to conduct an audit of suspicious places in one day.
Spiders did not come again, ventilation and air vents tighten a dense grid.
Buy in the pet store Butox 50". Read the instructions, then spray with spray all corners and places of a possible congestion of spiders. Do not enter the room within 15 minutes.
Maintain cleanliness in the apartment regularly and moisten the air (spiders do not like dampness and drafts). Can handle a room of any kind of repellent.
Take a long stick or the handle of a MOP or broom, and bend the end with a towel or rag and secure with duct tape. For greater effect, sprinkle a towel with RAID, and then in a circular motion to wind the web. It is very important to wind the web, and not to tear it or just remove it, because the spiders need it to get confused. Discard the cloth together with the collected web in a trash can and immediately take to the dumpster on the street.
From time to time pass vacuuming at the corners, baseboards, upholstered furniture, window sills and moldings. Immediately clean or dispose of the bag with dust.
Place a saucer in the place where most often there are spiders, and pour in acetic acid. Let the saucer stand up at least a day or two.
Cut the stems of reed or cane in the place where begins the broom, and make a bundle. Walk this broom all the shady corners of the apartment. Reed switches not only remove dust, but crushed spiders.
For removal of spiders used tool "Neuron". However, it is often used in large enterprises and in agriculture than in residential premises.