You will need
  • - prepared greeting;
  • card;
  • - flowers;
  • - a gift.
To the famous song "birthday – sad holiday" is not sounded in the soul of the hero of the day, you have this day to prove to him that the best it yet to come. Sitting at the festive table to your 55th birthday, even a staunch optimist and humorist ever sadly sigh: "But it was the best half of my life."
And if you are at this moment a toast: "Dear birthday, may God grant us all so to live your life, how you have lived your", emphasis on the past tense adding to the mental state of the celebrant.
So this anniversary was not a farewell to youth, rarely mention the age of the birthday child. Ask for it at the beginning of the celebration to share plans for the future. Guests in congratulating wished him good luck in achieving your new goals, not slighted by the mention of the past.
Be careful with choosing gifts. Do not give appliances, garden tools and money. 55 for his previous birthday he had amassed a huge number of food processors, vacuum cleaners and other delights of civilization. Money at this age, most likely are too.
Give this man new experience positive emotions. Indeed, in this age, people almost cease to believe in miracles. If the celebrant once mentioned that he wanted to visit in the warm tropical countries or to see the sights of Europe will buy him a ticket to the country of his dreams. To this important date of the finish has turned into a new start.
If you congratulate a colleague, an anniversary which coincides with the retirement, planning the event, take special responsibility. After all, the woman is very hard to get through this time, when one day she from middle-aged ladies passes in a category of pensioners.
In addition, often these anniversaries at the same time become a "wires" on a holiday. It is as stressful for the birthday girl. And you, as caring colleagues, must do everything to make her feel significant figure required in the workplace.
Pay special attention to the charming feminine birthday girl. Irons, mixers, juicers canceled! Support a natural woman's desire to be forever young and beautiful by buying her, for example, a subscription to a Spa or yoga courses.
Birthday any woman would be unsuccessful without a man. If the birthday girl in his 55 was left alone, then you can make her a special gift. Try to find her classmate or a classmate to which she has a positive attitude. It is desirable that he was not married. Male attention is the best gift for women, especially in this age. And perhaps this meeting would turn into something more than a simple greeting.
During the whole evening talking about the birthday girl, compliments, and birthday cake put a candle in the form of figure 18. Woman throughout life understates his age, and there is nothing shameful if you birthday will do it for her.