Prepare yourself for the fact that the lion's share of the cost will be the tickets. Upon arrival into the city be very careful. Almost all visitors arrive with the purpose of buying the car and are of interest for the crime.
Settle into the hotel. In order to save select the cheapest single room without a refrigerator and air conditioning. You can eat in some cafes. The average cost of food and accommodation will be about a thousand rubles a day. Do not delay, immediately go to the car markets or dealers.
Any instance of inspect, perform a test drive. On the market, be very careful not took the money. Don't trust strangers. Be suspicious of cheap cars. As a rule, they are either recessed or restored from parts. It can only detect a careful and thorough examination.
It is useful to know the real price of a well-preserved cars from auctions of Japan and Korea, the amount of customs duties. Comparing the cost exhibited in Vladivostok instance and a price in the manufacturing country, determine the form in which it was purchased by the seller.
Look carefully at the year. Often the age of the car is overstated for 1-2 years. Check the tags on the seat belts – they indicate the actual date. Although they can be replaced. Check the year of release for the electronic directory is the most reliable method. Careful inspection of the condition of the car will help to avoid fraud. Often cars have a run on Russia, but documents recently brought from Japan or Korea.
Select the method of delivery to your city. This may be a stretch on their own, or sending by rail. The first option is much cheaper and faster. The second contact legal official of the firm providing similar services.
When sending a car from Vladivostok and acceptance at destination keep your passport, contract with the firm, the title, the invoice statement. At the conclusion of the contract of delivery make the most detailed data about the external condition of the car, to avoid trouble getting it in your city. After the truck leaves the Parking lot, waiting for their turn to get into the car, transported and unloaded at the point of delivery.
All of this happens without participation of the owner. The average delivery time in the usual way to Moscow – one and a half months. If you wish to reduce this time send the car into a mail-baggage car. The average delivery time to Moscow is reduced to 20 days, and the cost increases slightly (by 10-20%).
When buying a car in Vladivostok on the Internet, please contact the seller from that city and arrange to send. Pay for your purchase by Bank transfer and after a certain period will get a car. A sober assessment of the risks of such a purchase: the condition of the vehicle can be determined only from photographs and the words of the seller. Often, on arrival, detected the hidden defects, the cost of removing which does not justify the savings from the choice of such purchase option.