You will need
  • - cassette tape recorder;
  • stereo cable with mini-connector;
  • program for audio recording.
Connect one end of the stereo cable into the headphone Jack on the cassette recorder and the other to the microphone port on computerE. Insert the audio cassette into a tape recorder.
Open the program Plus! Analog Recorder. Click the Next button (Next) when the screen displays the welcome page. After detecting the audio devices again, click the Next button.
Go to Record your music ("music") program Plus! Analog Recorder. Press the Record button ("Record") and then press the play button on a cassette deck. Press the Stop button ("Stop") at the end of the record.
Go to Review and name your tracks"Review and track names"). Enter the song title and artist name. Then click Next).
Navigate to Save music tracks to this location ("Save music tracks in this place"). Select any of the options you wish to apply to the audio file. Click the Next button to save audio tracks.
In order to rip music from audio cassettes to a computer using the program Audacity, download and install it. Double-click the Audacity icon on the desktop to open the program.
Press the Record button ("Record") (icon with red dot) in Audacity. Then hit the play button on a cassette deck. Wait until the audio will be played through to the end. Press the Stop button ("Stop") (icon with a yellow square) in Audacity to stop recording. Hit the stop button on the cassette deck.
In the File menu, select Export as MP3 ("Export to MP3"). Enter a name for the audio file and then click the Save button (Save) to complete the transfer process.