You will need
  • - computer with a recorder a CD-RW or DVD-RW;
  • program Nero;
  • - clean the CD or CD-RW.
Players Audio CD was the first mass digital devices for playback of sound. Still you can meet players who perceive only this format. To record an audio CD for this player easy.
Source the file to write must have parameters of PCM, that is a file *.wav (where * is file name) with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and a bitrate of 1411,2 kbit/s bit depth 16 bit, stereo or mono. You can convert this file from any existing audio file using the Audio Editor program Nero the Nero.
You have prepared the files put in a separate folder and number in the order in which you intend to play them. The sequence number of the future of the track should be submitted in two-digit form (01, 02, and so on) and be located in front of the file name to be either the name of the file. This technique is needed to preserve the sequence playback.
Please note that play if your player is CD-RW. If it is designed only for CD-R, it is necessary to take into account when writing. Insert a blank CD in the burner drive (CD-RW, DVD-RW) computer. Run Nero and select option "Make Audio CD".
In the opened window, add the files you have prepared for writing. They can simply select and drag and drop directly from Windows Explorer or the commander. Check whether there is enough space on the CD, and if necessary, edit the list. In this window, files can be added and removed. Then you can start to burn the disc, pressing interface "Burn" or "Burn".
With the help of a program Nero you can create Audio CD directly from collections of mp3 files. It is only necessary to consider that the compression codecs developed by different firms are not always taken Nero. If you add files to the Nero window, any of them does not appear, convert it to uncompressed wav this will solve the problem.
There are many programs to record Audio CDS, including free. However, the most common now is Nero 9 Lite. It contains not only the tools for burning discs of various formats, but all kinds of editors, including the audio. If you don't want to install many different audio editors and converters, use this program.
You can record Audio CD and using the standard tools of Windows 7 or Windows 8. Just upload your chosen files to the player and select "Record" in the tab menu. The entry will be slower than in Nero's settings in Windows Media less. But the sound quality is not affected.
There are hardware recorders that records sound directly into the Audio CD format. They are often used by collectors, copying music from vinyl records and tapes. Recorded on such devices from audio CDs contain tracks with the label CDA. The signal on this recorder you can also submit with your mp3 player or computer sound card, but recording quality is not guaranteed.