You will need
  • - building material;
  • - hammer;
  • - nails;
  • - shovel;
  • - insulated material;
  • - paint;
  • - circular saw or handsaw.
Begin construction of the booth, given the size of an adult German shepherd. For a dog of this breed will approach the booth from tesa size 2х2х1,5. From this formula, 2 m – long, 1.5 width, 2 height.
Prepare for the construction of dry lumber. It is better that he was with the slots. But in any case, the walls do double.
Build the booth immediately to the place where you plan to put the dog. As the ready facility of this size would be very difficult to migrate or move to another place. Due to the fact that the German shepherd is called to secure the area, place the box in a place where the dog will see the whole yard.
Kopite posts, previously isolated places of contact with the ground cement or waste oil. On the pillars fasten the crossmember and the TES from the inside.
Make the floor. The floor should be at 30 cm from the ground, otherwise it will get wet from heavy rainfall and meltwater. Then nail the planks to the ceiling and make the insulation of the box with insulating materials. Obtyanite their walls and ceiling from the outside and the floor inside. The floor just nail another layer of planks.
Upholster the walls and ceiling of interlocking planks, make a rack for the roof. The roof you can make one or a gable, it depends on your desire. Panel all the sides and top of the roof with boards and cover it with slate or iron as a roofing material for the construction of booths is not being used due to the fact that any dog can bite, which will affect her health. If you are using for the construction of the usual planks without grooves, punch all the crevices of the slats, otherwise the insulation will get wet, which will lead to rapid destruction of the tree. In addition, the box with slots to be less warm and it will blow.
Make before booth flooring for feeding and resting dogs. Paint the box with oil paint or impregnate with drying oil to protect the wood from destruction.