Advice 1: How to engrave on metal

Today, when even in small supermarkets Souvenirs laser engrave, hand engraving has become a rare but still popular service. Master charge for hand engraving more than the laser. But you can do without their services, if you learn how to engrave on metal myself.
How to engrave on metal
Disassemble a failed drive or tape player CDs. All extracted parts use discretion, except for a commutator motor of movement of the read node or rewind of the tape. This engine has another valuable quality in comparison with similar products from toys: his bearing, located on the back side - not polystyrene, and steel. Because of this, he breaks down in the Annex to the shaft for both radial and axial efforts.
Slip into the shaft of the motor small-sized collet. Hold it worn dental Bur, more unusable for its intended purpose. This tool will give you in any dental clinic.
Assemble a series circuit of a DC voltage, which is slightly below par for the engine (the source should be rated at about 500 mA), pedal switch non-latching engine. The polarity is desirable to observe specified on the motor. Parallel to the engine include paper or ceramic capacitor of any capacity. Insulate all connections to points off not to get a nasty shock voltage of self-induction, accidentally touching live parts.
Place the pedal on the floor. A serious drawback of this type of engine is overheating during long hours of work even at idle. So turn it off the pedal even for short interruptions (a few seconds).
The style of work develop gradually, experimentally picking up the pressing force of the shaft with the engraving of different metals so that its rotation is not introduced distortions in the line shapes. Remember, the softer the metal, the less the wear of boron. When he finally wear out, replace it. When training strive to learn how to apply labels to metal's M. O., what do you usually write with pen on paper. Conduct training on metal objects of no value.
At the end of work, disconnect the power supply from the network.
Lettering, logos and art images – we decorates metalwork! How is laser engraving on metal? Laser controlled by a computer software program acts its beam on the metal, in consequence of which, after engraving on metal there are traces.
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The engraving on the metal. To date, there is a unique method that allows the simplest thing can turn in the understated luxury in an exclusive and unique individual subject. In great demand today enjoys engraving on metal, through which you can decorate lighters, rings, pens, watches etc.

Advice 2: Which metal is the most rare

When we consider the rare metals are meant those who are in pure form in nature is extremely small. The name of the rare metal was in honor of major rivers Germany Rhine - rhenium.
Which metal is the most rare

The rare metal

The rarest metal in the world – one that very few found in nature. The discrepancy may arise from the fact that in the periodic system (Mendeleev compiled) there is a group of elements called "rare earth". In fact, it does not mean that their planet is not enough. Their number is often not less than that of other widespread metals such as copper, zinc, chrome and so on).

According to the Guinness Book of world records, the rarest metal on planet Earth – rhenium in the periodic table under 75 serial number. In fact, its discoverer can name the most periodic, as in compiling his table he predicted the existence of an element with relative atomic mass 180 (this was in 1870). But to prove the existence of this item and find it in practice it appeared not such simple task.

Many scientists spoke about their find since the times of the periodic, but in fact it wasn't true. And only in 1925 the German academic family Nodak opened this very rare metal.

Application of rhenium

Most people name this metal will not say anything. Because it is rare, and therefore, has a rather narrow spread. In industrial circles and among scientists rhenium is valued even more than other expensive metal – platinum. In particular, the blades of aircraft engines of modern aircraft are made of rhenium. In addition, the metal used in the creation of high-precision equipment, such as a gyroscope. Gasoline with a high content of octane was also synthesized by using this item. One of the modern developments filters of rhenium, which are installed on the exhaust pipe of the car.

Extraction of rhenium

Only here the use of rhenium is almost an impossible task, as there is no acute shortage in nature (what is rare). Until recently it was believed that on our planet there are deposits of this metal. And only in 1992 year, the South Kuril Islands, on the volcano Curly, it was discovered the world's only deposits of rhenium.

Rhenium is extracted from molybdenum and copper ores. To this concentrate is calcined. The procedure is very complex, and to obtain one kilogram of rhenium is required to process 12 thousand tons of ore. A year around the world, but produce only about 40 tons of this rare metal.
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