You will need
  • Handle, a container of ink, blotting paper or cloth.
In order to fill the pen with ink, you need to know what's the filling mechanism: piston, convertor or with a replaceable cartridge. This will depend on the whole sequence of actions.
If you stick with the standard piston filler, the first thing you need to spin the handle body. Remove the ink reservoir with the pen. Pour in a jar of ink residues from the tank by turning counterclockwise to the stop clip on the end. Then fully submerge the pen in a jar of ink. Turn the clamp clockwise until the water tank is filled. Pull the pen from the inkwell and pour a drop of ink, turning the clamp in the opposite direction a half turn. Return the piston to its original position. This will remove air bubbles from the reservoir with ink. After that the pen should be wiped from the remnants of the colorant blotter or cloth, lint-free cloth. Put a tank of ink in the pen body and screw it.
Fountain pen with a replaceable cartridge filled in the following way: loosen counter-clockwise the upper part of the body. Remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one. Open the relief valve so that ink supplied to Peru handles. After this it is necessary to remove air which might accidentally be in the cartridge, this a little pressure on him, to the tip of the pen came a drop of ink. Wipe it off with a blotter and place back the top part of the handle.
Refilling ink pens the Converter mechanism to produce a similar way as refilling a pen with piston mechanism. That is, for this you need to Unscrew the barrel, immerse the NIB fully in the ink container. Turning the crown of the Converter clockwise to fill the reservoir with ink. Turn the head a half turn in the opposite direction and squeeze a drop of ink back into the inkwell. Wipe the pen off with a tissue or blotter, and again, collecting the handle, tighten the housing.