You will need
  • - Internet;
  • card;
  • - the control book.
Determine the direction of the routeand purpose of travel. The same way you can go on foot or by various modes of transport. Starting to think about the route, take into account the financial and time resources, as well as experience that would like to get in the end.
Start by determining the start and end points. Next, draw the main geographic points that I would like to capture. If you are going to travel by car or on foot, use a detailed map, with which you can choose the best path.
Go to the Internet. The most interesting routeyou've probably already completed by other travelers. Read their experiences on specialized forums, ask questions about the difficulties and negative aspects. So you can adjust the stages ahead as well as slightly alter its geography. It is advisable to lay out the designed route on the forums independent travelers, and then seasoned travelers will comment on it and give helpful tips. The most famous of them - a Forum Vinsky and Russian Backpacker.
Try to find the best price offer for hotels, flights, restaurants, if we are talking about a tour abroad. Go to their websites and book directly. Today you can save up to 70% of the cost of a trip to another country, if you develop a route on their own. You will receive unforgettable impressions, and the process of preparation for the trip will already be exciting. For example, at the largest booking portal
If you are fond of sport tourism and plan a trip to the native land, it is advisable to coordinate your trip to the routebut the qualification Commission (IWC). This procedure is required if you are going on an extreme or very difficult trip. Grant to ICC maps, routeing the book, as well as confirm that your group has experienced hikers. This organization will assess your strength, help with planning, will warn about dangerous areas, protected areas, safety. The main advantage of such a step is that the representatives of the ICC will monitor your progress route. In any case of accident they would send on a quest or help your team of emergency workers.