You will need
  • Computer running operating systems that Acronis OS selector
To solve this problem is designed with specialized software. One such program is Acronis OS selector. This program allows you to switch between operating systemsinstalled on your computer. And to switch prompts the user friendly menu.
In order to enable switching between systems, install the download Manager operating systems Acronis OS Selector 8.0. After the installation Manager will restart the computer. When you reboot OS Selector will create a FAT partition, which will write the necessary boot files. After you create the partition, restart the computer again.
After restarting the Manager will assume control and begin the search of the OS that is installed on your personal computer. According to the search results OS Selector will form a list of downloadable operating systems.
To switch between the systems, launch the installed application. In the main window will display a list of operating systems that the Manager found when scanning your hard drive. The system that is used currently, will be selected from the total list of color.
From the list, select the operating system you want to load. Click "customize" located in the top of the window and select "Download." Also for this action can be used the Enter key. The Manager will carry out the computer restart and load your chosen operating system.
If you want to change the operating system default boot, use the same setup. In this menu is responsible for this Select default and load". You can also use the key combination Ctrl+Enter.