You will need
  • Windows Explorer (any window), text editor, Total Commander.
To find hidden files or folders, you need to make them visible to the user. Therefore, open any Explorer window (My computer , My documents ). Click the "tools" menu - select "folder options . In the new window select the View tab and under Additional content, select "Show hidden files and folders . Click OK . Then you can see all hidden files and/or folders.
How to find hidden folders
If your computer is attacked by viruses and do not allow us to make the above-described operation, it is possible to do the same thing using registry editor. To do this, open a text editor and create a new document. In the body of this document, place the following lines:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexploreradvanced]
"Hidden =dword:00000001
"CheckedValue =dword:00000001
Then click menu "File - Save as - name the file "system.reg click Save . Then run the file in the dialog box, click Yes .
If you need to cancel the showing of hidden folders in the registry file you need to change the value from "00000001 "to 00000000 .
How to find hidden folders
There is also an alternative method: to use the program Total Commander . A distinctive feature of this program – on/off display of hidden folders can be done by just pressing one button. This button has the shape of a star. To show/hide hidden folders do the following:
- run "Total Commander ;
- select the desired directory;
- press the star on the toolbar.
How to find hidden folders