You will need
  • PC with installed programs WinRar and 7-zip, files broken in the file.
It's helpful to learn a few of the characteristics of such files. They generally consist of numbered parts which are indicated by the word “part” and have the same size, except the last part – usually it is much less than the others in size and on this basis to determine whether all parts of the file. This is very important because the absence of even the smallest part of the archive will not allow you to assemble the file without error, the consequence may be complete failure or unreadable the file.
In the case of a complete set of the archives of problems rarely occur. The easiest way the files collected with the help of special programs - archivers. Consider first how this is done using the popular program 7-zip. First, you need to put the necessary files in one folder, then highlight the first, click the right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose 7-zip – extract here, and then the stack of files will automatically be collected in one file.
Of the many other programs that can cope with such a task, should especially highlight and WinRar – because unlike the first program, it is installed on virtually every computer. The Assembly procedure of the file will be almost identical to the previous: select the file, click your right mouse button and from the menu select the item "extract to current folder".
This files most often collected by the archiver, the files are already there ready to use, with the exception of a situation when after the Assembly file have to unpack another archive. It should not be confused with files having the extension ".iso. They are very similar to archives, but to extract them is not worth it – they started using the programs for reading disk images such as Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools.