To unpack the archive .zip in several ways. If you want to retrieve from the archive all the files it contains, you need to click on the archive icon right click. The list of commands drop-down menu, choose the desired command.
The command "Extract files" will open a window "Path and options extract." In this window, you must specify the path to the folder in which to unpack files. The directory has a tree structure. Moving through the branches, you must select an existing folder or create a new one by clicking "New folder". Having defined the location to save the file, click on the "OK"button.
The command "extract to current folder" means that the files will be extracted to the same folder where your archive is. For example, if .a zip archive is on the desktop, the files will be cured on your desktop. They will be saved without creating a new folder.
The command "extract to <name .zip-archive>" will unpack the files to the same folder that contains the files, but they will be placed in a folder with the same name as the name of the archive.
If you click on .a zip archive with the left mouse button, a window opens with the contents of the archive. It is possible to extract all the files at once or extract only the files you need. To do this, select your backup files and click "Extract". Opens the same window as in step # 2 ("the Path and parameter extraction"). Also the window to save the file you can call by selecting the top line menu item "Command" in the dropdown menu select "extract to specified folder".
Also the files from the .zip archive can be extracted by other means. To do this, open the archive method indicated in step 5, select the desired files and, while holding down the left mouse button, just drag the files into the desired folder. It does not matter, open the folder to which you copied the files from the archive, or closed.