To build your own machine, you'll need specialized equipment and professional skills of the mechanic. Remember that to make a car from scratch - very expensive. The easiest way to collect the car, combining the various constituent parts of several unserviceable vehicles.
First, prepare the project of the future car. If you have no skills in the field of design and the technical knowledge of the car, then contact the design Department of one of the companies offering design services. You need to think in advance all the features and nuances of work and to prepare an action plan and a list of required parts, from which you plan to collect future car.
The first step in creating your new car, regardless of whether by yourself you will do or using the service, will manufacture the body. Remember that it is much easier to alter the body of some old machine, by making changes to his design than to manufacture new. Also remember that before painting the body must be completely clean and remove old paint and rust mechanical, chemical or manual means.
Otrestavrirovali or replace the generated frame of the car. Despite the fact that modern cars are most made of technology monocoque, remember that old cars were mostly of frame construction. Therefore, the quality of the execution of this phase of the work will depend on the security of the created machine. After all, are attached to the frame main units of the car body itself.
Perform painting operations of the body. Follow technology when painting a car. It is advisable to paint a car in a modern painting-drying chambers with filtered supplied air and feeding it at elevated pressure. This technology will ensure the quality of coating close to the factory.
Perform technical repair of components and assemblies to be created the machine. Pay special attention to the brake system, cooling system, control system steering, suspension, shock absorbers. Remember that the work on the brake system should be carried out before recovery of the engine. After that you can install a bust or a new engine. You can then move on to the restoration of the interior of the car and wiring repair.