Get an old system unit (the box itself) or remove the cover from your if you don't need it. On the Internet find the dimensions and the scheme of manufacturing of the car chassis. Instructions complete all necessary actions and do the body, make the wheels and all the parts that you want to see in their machine. If you are missing small details, take apart an old CD or DVD-ROM drive from the computer, you can also use a small Chinese alarms. As the windshield, rear and side Windows use a thin plexiglass. It can also be used for making overlays on the headlights. The mesh on the pads Nazarite with a needle. If you want to make an exact copy of remote control car with their hands, the Internet to find the blueprints for the design of such models.
Buy model car, if you don't want to make the case yourself. Get a little electric motor with the axis (the axis is needed to attach to it the wheels), batteries, old remote control and a long wire. With a computer mouse, remove the both buttons. To a single button mouse, carefully solder 2 small wires. The opposite end of one wire solder to the pre-acquired motor, the second wire to the positive pole. The negative terminal will be located on the motor.
For the manufacture of a reversing of a machine, the same steps must be repeated with the wires on the second button from the mouse. Connect to battery "minus" and "plus". Redo old remote control at the remote machine. Attach both buttons from the mouse.
Put the wheels prepared in advance of the vehicle model on the axis of the motor. Check the operation of the resulting structure: when one-button mouse, the machine should go forward, the second button from the mouse is responsible for driving the vehicle in reverse.