Consider carefully the structure of the database. Define the information that will be contained and calculate the number of required columns, for example, for client mailing required email address. Please note that all information is easier to place in multiple tables, not one. The data then will be much easier to adjust, instead of looking at all the information.
Create database data in Microsoft Office Access. First, open the program and set the command "Create file". Then in this section select "New database data.
Name your database data a name that will be associated with posted data and save it in the correct folder. Automatically database can be stored in "My documents".
Select "Create table in design view" double click the mouse. This option is the most convenient, since it allows you to create a table with the standard number of columns and desired number.
Consider the window that appears to create the table. The first column "field Name", enter there the name of the corresponding attributes. In the next column "data Type" to be a dropdown list from which you select the appropriate type, for example, text, numeric, etc. the Third column called "Description". Put the necessary details and data.
Change the values. To save space on the disk, set the size of the fields, i.e. columns, desired value, for example, is not always required 50 standard symbols to record the name and it takes only 10-15 characters. Then the file save.
Change the table structure. Move the cursor to the dialog box, and select "Insert" - "Row". Thus, increase the number of fields for entering new data. Add a field in which place the primary key of the table. This key will identify each line, and an individual number, which is nowhere duplicated will not.