You will need
  • computer;
  • - Microsoft Access.
Run the MS Acess to request. Click on the tab "Requests", click the "Create" button and select "design mode".
Select in the dialog box, the tables and fields which you want to query by double-clicking. Please note that they are added in the form designer. To build a query based on fields from multiple tables, make sure that between these tables there is a connection. To do this, go to the database window, go to the menu "Tools" – "data Schema". The link can be judged by the lines between the tables.
Create a simple query, to do this, add the required fields and run the query using the button on the toolbar (red exclamation point). Save the query.
Make a request with criteria. To do this in the form designer in any field, for example, "Position", enter in the "Condition selection" – Like "Secretary". Run the query for execution. In this case, the query will fetch data from table according to specified condition, i.e. displays information about the secretaries.
To make a query that would select data from any of the positions, enter in the "criteria" are the following: [Enter title]. Then when you run the query for execution will appear each time a dialog box prompting the introduction of the position of the employee. This request will be more versatile.
Query c with the restriction by date, for example, to select information of company agreements in the last month. In the "criteria" for the field "contract date", enter the following Between #01.06.2010# And #30.06.2010#. Run the query for execution. Create query is complete, save it using the button with the floppy disk icon on the toolbar.